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Vale Dean Banks

Former 3AW Melbourne presenter, Dean Banks, passed away last night (November 17) after a long battle with cancer. Dean was co-host of the Breakfast program with Ross Stevenson from 1990 to 2000 together they created a program and style of broadcasting which can still be heard in today’s program. Dean had a long career in radio around Australia and New Zealand with the highlight being 3AW Breakfast.

Stephen Beers, 3AW station manager, says “Dean was the ultimate gentleman and true professional, always helping those around him to do their best and not to dwell on mistakes which can happen making live radio, one favourite saying was “don’t worry it’s flying past Mars now”, don’t worry about the past just make the next thing better. Dean taught many people the craft of radio and how to make it sound effortless. We all owe a lot to Dean and he will be sadly missed. Our thoughts are with his wife Diana and extended family.”

Audio Highlights – Dean Banks

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