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4BC Is On Its Way To A New Home 882 AM

Nine Radio has announced that 4BC will swap frequencies with sister station 4BH, moving to 882 AM to give the Brisbane audience a clearer and better overall listening experience. This is the first time a radio station in Brisbane has ever swapped frequencies, and 4BC’s new, easier-to-find position on the dial is effective from Friday, October 8, at 8.08am.

From September 20, 4BC launches a major awareness campaign, with on-air promos featuring Breakfast host Neil Breen and a print advertising campaign. Then from October 8, the station will also be giving away $882 a day to lucky listeners in a daily Breakfast competition.

4BC Content Manager, Max Dudley, said: “We have made the decision to move 4BC down the dial to 882 AM to enhance the listening experience of our loyal talk radio listeners. Whether they’re on the move, at work, or listening from home, audiences right across the south-east will now have better access to our live and local programming throughout the day.”

The move comes just weeks after 4BC announced it was expanding its on-air lineup with the appointment of Brisbane’s Sofie Formica as the new Afternoons presenter.

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