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2ME/3ME network celebrates 25 years as the No 1 Arabic broadcaster

For over 25 years the 2ME/3ME network has been ahead of the game in both programming and listener involvement. Independent Mc Nair/Ingenuity research has consistently confirmed this No 1 status.

2ME 25 Year Visual Trailer.

Now, with the industry entering yet another period of rapid change, we are implementing two parallel strategies to deal with the challenges this presents: Technical & listener involvement/loyalty.
A) Technical
1) Substantial upgrades of all technical facilities within our studios.
2) Significant investment in digital and effective social media.
B) Listener involvement/ loyalty
1) We now have second generational listeners who grew up with their family using 2ME as their source of news and information.
2) We are establishing two additional programming initiatives (2ME Gold & 2ME east/west) to fulfil pent up listener demand.
3) We are the only unbiased talkback Arabic station with no political or religious affiliations.
4) Our community is extremely interested in news and current affairs. In recognition of this, we have formed exclusive Australian agreements with BBC Arabic and Radio Monte Carlo enabling us to include their news casts with our locally produced news programs.
5) All levels of Government turn to 2ME when needing to communicate with Australia’s Arabic constituency during times of national challenge such as Covid & and the Middle East conflicts.

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