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Xtra Insights Colac Survey (1/2023)

In the first Xtra Insights Colac survey the most listened to station was MIXX FM with 37.6%. They were followed by sister ACE station 3CS with 11.8% and then ABC Radio Melbourne with 11.4%. MIXX FM was the most listened to station in all sessions. Full details – click on image below.

Nick Hay – General Manager 3CS/MIXX FM – ACE Radio Network reports:

3CS and MIXX FM Triumph in Latest Radio Ratings, Securing the Top 2 Spots Across the Airwaves

It is with great excitement that we announce the outstanding success of radio stations 3CS and MIXX FM in the most recent Xtra Insights radio ratings.

3CS and MIXX FM has increased the combined audience by +16% since the last survey in 2018. 

3CS and MIXX FM reach 62% of the people living in the surveyed marked each week.

MIXX FM is the clear number one, with 37.6% of the total audience choosing MIXX FM as the station they “listen to most”.

3CS wins the survey 50+ with 19.3%, with MIXX FM in second place with 18.2 and the ABC coming in third.

Both stations have achieved remarkable audience engagement and loyalty. With an unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality local content.  Our stations have succeeded in creating an unparalleled listening experience for their audiences.

“The success of 3CS and MIXX FM in the latest radio ratings is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and creativity of our talented local teams,” expressed Station Manager Nick Hay. “We are incredibly proud of the trust our audiences place in us and are committed to raising the bar even higher in delivering exceptional local content that entertains, informs, and unites our communities.”


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