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Vale Mark Pedler, former SA radio personality

Mark Pedler, former SA radio personality, passed away on 3rd January 2023 aged 66.  He worked on radio stations 5KA, 5RM and 8HA.

Mark’s first radio job was at Alice Springs 8HA, where he was appointed Production Manager in 1978, despite zero prior production or radio experience!

Station Manager, Phil Ebrell saw a spark in the good looking young electrician and Mark’s effervescent and endlessly positive attitude saw him move rapidly into an on air role.  

In 1981, Mark relocated to his childhood home, South Australia’s Riverland, taking an on air role at Riverland Radio 5RM.   By 1983, capital city radio beckoned, and Mark made the move to Adelaide to land a job at 5KA.  

During the years at 5KA, Mark was part of some extremely successful radio teams, pairing with the late Di Stapleton as well as with Greg Clark for “Mark and Clark After Dark”.  However, arguably his most successful and popular pairing was with Paul Barry.  Their “Double Trouble’ show consistently rated well, dominating the 16-24 female demographic!   And the boys knew how to have fun – they were both much loved!

Mark was also a semi-regular on television screens, often joining radio colleague Greg Clark on the TV Show Music Express to talk all things music.

In 1991, after yet another shift change, Mark decided to retire from radio.  Former colleague Scott McBain said “Mark was too nice for the brutality of commercial radio”.  Mark certainly left his mark on South Australian broadcasting.

In Life After Radio, Mark established a successful videography business, painted houses and then become a “wharfie”, working on the docks in Port Adelaide.   

In late 2017, Mark was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and advised to get his affairs in order.  At the top of his bucket list was to visit the birthplace of the Blues, Clarksdale, Mississippi and set his feet down at the legendary Crossroads, where musician Robert Johnson is said to have sold his soul to the Devil himself to become a famous Bluesman.  

Contrary to medical advice, Mark and fellow guitarist, Stuart Knowles travelled to the USA in October 2018.  The documentary “Mississippi Miracle” captures the heart warming spiritual journey of Mark and Stuart into the home of the Delta Blues.  It’s can be found on YouTube.

Despite the short life prognosis, Mark continued to surprise and defy his medical specialists, using his strength and positive mental attitude to squeeze every inch out of life for more than 5 extra years following his initial diagnosis. During these past years Mark Pedler continued to entertain his legion of friends, play music, create hilarious small video’s during Covid Lockdowns, enjoy catch ups with his radio family and remind us all that some lights shine so bright, they can never be extinguished.    Vale Peds.

(Tribute courtesy of Carol Neller – former 5KA/KAFM Copywriter.

Mark Pedler in white shirt in centre with fellow announcers Greg Clark, Di Stapleton and Neighbours stars.  

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  1. A beautiful tribute and informative commentary of Marks’ amazing life. Such a fun and happy soul who will be missed by many 🥰


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