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Vale Chris Kearns

Sydney radio announcer Chris Kearns has died after a battle with cancer. He was 75. In recent times he worked at Classic Hits 2CH DAB+. He also worked as a Breakfast Host & All Rounder at 2CH, as an all rounder at 2GB, a Breakfast Show host at Radio 2SM, a presenter at Sky Racing and as an All-Rounder at Talking Lifestyle 954.

Friend and radio colleague Trevor Sinclair says: ” I am sad to report the passing of Chris Kearns, a man I worked on several occasions, at Classic Hits 2UW, then MIX106.5 and again at 2CH. He wasn’t just a work colleague, he was a mate. Cherie Romaro, Rob Duckworth and I all visited Chris today (Nov 2) and we spent time with him in what we were told would be his final hours – sadly I had to leave after a couple of hours to do my show.”

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