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Rex Hunt insists he’s not finished working in radio after departing 3AW

The Herald Sun reports: “Rex Hunt has broken his silence after his controversial exit from 3AW, revealing he wanted to do a farewell show but was denied.Rex Hunt has promised he won’t be lost to the airwaves despite his resignation from 3AW last week.”

“Put it this way I was born to broadcast and don’t think I’m silly enough to walk away if I didn’t have something already in the system. And I will keep my powder dry in the short term,” Hunt, 72, said.

“My station boss Stephen Beers kindly suggested I take a couple of weeks off, but I knew it was time. Just as I did in 1978 when retiring from the VFL, or my decision to leave the police department. I decided I was out of my depth and the time was right.

“My style may have damaged the 3AW brand despite the fact I was rating in the mid-20s and regularly beating the Tobin Brothers (ABC). I did want to have one more night with Tom Elliott but there was fear about what I might say.”

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