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Ray Hadley Honoured With Country Music Capital Award

2GB morning host Ray Hadley has been honoured at the 52nd Golden Guitar Awards with the special Country Music Capital Award for his passionate and sustained support and promotion of Australian country music. 

This is one of only a handful of times the Country Music Capital Award has been handed out since its inception at the Golden Guitars in 1977. It is a significant honour that recognises individuals who are not singers, musicians, composers, or music producers (and therefore not covered by the regular criteria for the Awards), but who’ve made a long-term, outstanding contribution to the country music industry. 

Throughout his career, Hadley has been a major supporter of the Australian country music industry, convincing station management the Country Music Countdown deserved to be heard on capital city radio. Hadley has now presented 533 editions of the Country Music Countdown program across the country, providing an invaluable platform to both emerging and established country music artists. The show continues to be the number one rating radio program on Sydney radio each week. 

Ray also uses his number one Mornings program, The Ray Hadley Morning Show, on 2GB to promote Australian country music.

On receiving the Country Music Capital Award, Ray Hadley said: “It was a wonderful surprise and I was very humbled by the Toyota Golden Guitars decision to acknowledge my contribution to Australian country music.”

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  1. Congratulations Ray! and thank you for the ongoing commitment to Country Music!
    Probably a pertinent time to raise the issue which hasn’t changed in over half-a-century, so where are Australia’s 24/7 commercial – cap city/regional stations – playing Country Music?
    Sydney’s Country Hits, 2CH, has a ring to it, as a possible starting point!
    Thankfully, Country Music fans keep turning up at festivals and concerts – yet, without community radio, the ABC and select commercial broadcasters (KIX) .. broadcasters/streamers haven’t taken that next committed terrestrial broadcast step for Country Music fans listening at home and on the move.
    I have heard all the cringey comments over the decades – funny, I don’t believe today’s audience share the criticisms that programmers have traditionally held.
    Yes, 2SM and 4BC were among the cap city vanguard, who tried previously.
    Thank heavens, Nick Erby, for 2TM-4WK and the Country Music Radio Network.
    But, maybe in 2024, Country is now cool enough for mainstream Australia radio without having to sound like a Nashville clone!


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