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Matt De Groot

Matt De Groot is leaving NOVA and will be moving to London next year to support his wife Bronte Coy, who will be heading up’s Royal and Entertainment coverage. Matt joined Fitzy & Wippa in 2013 as News Presenter. Over his time with the show Matt has delivered approximately 39,000 traffic reports, 20,000 news bulletins, has read the news from the top of the Harbour Bridge, in an ice bath, in a fighter plane, in a helicopter, on the snow, on a cruise ship, and in the line for Harry Styles.

While at NOVA Entertainment, Matt has hosted Nova’s Summer Breakfast show, a Saturday breakfast show and a Sunday night show. In addition, he has been a regular on Channel 7’s The Morning Show, Ten’s Studio 10, a rugby league commentator on Channel 9 and has been a vocal men’s health advocate and an Ambassador for White Ribbon, Batyr, The Primary Club and Thankful.

This morning Matt announced the news to Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie‘s listeners.

Matt said, “I’m a little bit more nervous than I thought I would be right now. It has been the best 10 years with the best team, mostly, to be fair often traumatic! My beautiful wife Bronte has been given an amazing opportunity to head up’s royal coverage in London, on the back of all the amazing work she’ been doing over the last couple months there and it’s too great an opportunity as a family to pass up  the chance to move to London and live over there for a couple of years, and just experience what that’s all about and follow her career. And so, after 10 years of telling people it’s busy on the M5 someone else will have the opportunity to do the best job in Sydney radio news next year.”

Wippa joked, “Don’t go. You obviously had to choose, you have to think about the choice, do I choose my wife or the team?”

Fitzy said, “I do love this and while you’re young what a great opportunity, and we know the love you have for your family. We’ve been trying to talk you around this and is there any way we can have you involved. The insight that you bring into this show and your personality, you have been a vital part of this show for 10 years and we want to say thank you very much for all of that buddy.”

Fitzy said, “We’ve got three weeks to go so hopefully we can get a traffic update right.”

Listeners called into the show to thank Matt for his contribution to the show and their lives over the past 10 years.

Matt De Groot had to say the following:

“It’s been the most unique ‘news’ role in the industry, where on one hand you cover the main stories each day, and on the other your car is wrapped in gladwrap while you’re at your desk.”

“In the eleven years with Fitzy & Wippa, they’ve created un-real moments, with sole purpose of amusing themselves. Nearly being arrested chasing Meghan Markle with a huge bouquet of flowers, then shaking Prince Harry’s was a high point while arriving home one day and having my entire apartment cleared out and re-setup at Manly Warf in Sydney was probably the lowlight.”

“I will miss this team and the show that’s changed my life, but I’m so excited to support my wife in London and sleep in a little bit.”  


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