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Jules Bailey Leaves 2MO Gunnedah Breakfast

Jules Bailey is saying good bye to breakfast at 2MO Gunnedah after racking up 10yrs as 2MOs longest serving female breakfast announcer. She is heading off into the corporate world from December 2021 but says the last 10 years in breakfast radio especially in Gunnedah has ‘been a blast’.

Her career in radio began full time in 2008 in Broken Hill NSW (see picture of day 1 below) as co host for Hill FM then taking on the host role before moving to 2DU in Dubbo where she played various roles from copy writer to Zoo FM announcer filling in for various shifts before scoring the job in Gunnedah at Triple G.  She commenced as work day announcer in August  2011 and in October 2011 Jules was then promoted to AM Breakfast announcer where she has spent the last 10 years being a huge part of the community in Gunnedah.

Jules says a career highlight was being asked to MC local events in the community as well as the surprise studio visit from Sunrise weather man Sam Mac and appearing on Sunrise.   She certainly won’t forget that day in 2018 when Sam Mac burst into the studio with cameras while she was live on air!

She remembers fondly the 2021 Allawah Cottage Ball when she was asked as part of the radio community in Gunnedah to MC and help raise a huge $35,000 for the Gunnedah domestic violence home that is currently being built.  Jules has also Mc’d a number of community events.  It’s part of the job she will miss greatly.

Jocks’ Journal asked Jules if there was a fact that very few people knew about her. She confesses that that no one knows that she is actually a very good ballroom dancer. She took lessons in her teenage years and  once got to dance with Paul Mercurio at a Brisbane Ballroom dancing audition for the movie Strictly Ballroom! True story.

Jules says she is leaving a huge seat to be filled but knows that one day she could be back behind the microphone so don’t count her out just yet after all the greats like John Laws have made the best of comebacks.  She wanted to thank the Super Radio Network for giving her the best radio career she could ever have enjoyed.  She also says it was the belief in her from Paul Batchelor that placed her in the breakfast spot.

Her final airshift is on 26th November 2021 capping off a fantastic 10 year career. 

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