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Jane Holmes quietly departs 3AW

After more than 16 years as one of 3AW’s most cultured voices, Jane Holmes is departing her full time role at 3AW.

Jane was part of Neil Mitchell’s morning show for 16 and a half years. As the show evolves next year with Tom Elliott at the helm, Holmes is exiting the morning shift. Friday December 1 was her last day.

“Rosemary Margan had retired and I applied for the job in 2007 and I was very grateful to get accepted and become a part of Neil’s team and to be trusted by him,” Holmes said.

“It is the end of an era for the people who have worked with Neil, for Neil it is the end of an era and it is an end for the listeners – bearing in mind that I was a listener before I was a colleague of Neil’s.

“I have experienced some extraordinary things during my time as part of the team. I have seen some amazing people in the studio and I have seen the change Neil has made to a whole heap of lives through issues he cared about.

“I have had the best seat in the house and I am so, so grateful for it.

“We have been there to serve the needs of the listeners ”

Holmes will still be heard once a week as a guest on Denis Walter’s evening show in 2024.

Fun fact: Holmes is one of the voices of Telstra and it is often her voice you hear when getting a recorded message.

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  1. I found a stray kitten on Brunswick Victoria around 1998 and did some door knocking to find it’s owner when I got a surprise when Jane Homes answered the door 🚪 needless to say Jane helped the kitten to find a beautiful home. Thanks Jame


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