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GfK Metro Survey 1, 2021

The top rating metro stations for Survey 1/2021 were 3AW (16.3), 2GB (14.4), Brisbane’s Nova 106.9 (11.4), Perth’s Nova 93.7 (13.6) and Adelaide’s Mix 102.3 (13%). 3AW dropped in all sessions including evening with 7.5%. Sports station RSN has rejoined the survey in Melbourne.

  • Scroll through all results including ‘Metro DAB Survey 1’ below. Click on image for a bigger view.

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  1. Hey Greg thanks for the survey results. Just one thing…where are the Sydney results??

    • Quite right John (the famous Music Man). I’ve just sacked my web guy on the spot! Kidding … just an accidental slip up. Thanks for letting me know.


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