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Gavin Miller Moving On From Gold 104.3

After a ten year run on the drive shift at GOLD 104.3, Gavin Miller has decided to resign when his contract ends on December 31. He announced via the Rubber Room Facebook page: “After that, I’ll be seeking work that I can do remotely, freeing me up to travel extensively whilst creating content that I’m passionate about. That’s been the dream for a long time, and from 2022 onwards I am going to start living it.”

“I have nothing but gratitude for ARN. Holding onto a high pressure gig like Melbourne Drive (especially as a solo music jock going up against all those big name shows) for a decade is a very rare thing, and ask anyone who works in radio: leaving on your own terms is even rarer.”

I’m acutely aware that I’m consciously jumping off a career cliff, but it instinctively feels like the exact right thing to do on every imaginable level. Once again, massive thanks to ARN for being my radio home for the last decade.”

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