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FiveAA radio host Jeremy Cordeaux sacked

Jeremy Cordeaux, one of Adelaide’s longest-serving radio hosts has been sacked over comments he made about alleged rape victim Brittany Higgins. He called alleged rape victim Brittany Higgins. FiveAA breakfast host David Penberthy announced that Jeremy Cordeaux’s employment had been “terminated” after Cordeaux called Ms Higgins “a silly little girl who got drunk” on his Saturday morning program.

Ms Higgins alleges she was raped inside federal senior minister Linda Reynolds’s office in parliament in 2019.

Cordeaux, 75, said Prime Minister Scott Morrison should have repudiated Ms Higgins’s story publicly.

“I just ask myself why the Prime Minister doesn’t call it out for what it is — a silly little girl who got drunk,” Cordeaux said.

“If this girl has been raped, why hasn’t the guy who raped her been arrested?

“Apparently everyone knows his name.”

Cordeaux said his sacking was news to him.

Penberthy announced Cordeaux’s sacking this morning.

In a statement read on air, the station apologised “unreservedly” to Ms Higgins and withdrew the comments “without reservation”.

“We acknowledge that the comments were completely inappropriate and offensive,” Penberthy said.

“The views expressed by Jeremy Cordeaux do not reflect those held by FiveAA and Nova Entertainment and we unequivocally withdraw them.

Former Adelaide Labor MP Kate Ellis, who has just put out a book called Sex, Lies and Question Time and who features in an Australian Story episode tonight on federal Parliament’s “toxic workplace culture”, said the comments were “absolutely outrageous”.

“We don’t want to hear that commentary anywhere in the community let alone in our radio stations’ broadcasts,” she said.

“It’s totally outrageous and there’s no place for it.”

Ms Ellis is married to Penberthy.

Cordeaux worked as a radio host in Sydney before starting at Adelaide’s 5DN in 1976.

He started working at FiveAA in 2014.

Story courtesy of ABC News


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