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Dee Dee Dunleavy leaves 3AW

3AW and Dee Dee Dunleavy have agreed to an early conclusion to her contract which would have finished at the end of this year.

3AW Station Manager Stephen Beers said,

“I want to thank Dee Dee for her three and a half years on Afternoons and before that her stint on Weekend Break with Grubby. She’s been a great part of the 3AW line up.”

Dee Dee Dunleavy said,

“I’m happy to leave on a high, and with a record that I feel very proud of. I took over the Afternoons program just as the pandemic plunged us into lockdown, and so I faced the dual challenge of navigating a new show – remotely – while keeping the audience informed and entertained. 

“I am forever grateful to all the callers who shared with me on air their grief at losing loved ones, and their anguish at losing their jobs and businesses. For those who were isolated I hope I was part of the comfort and connection that radio brought to them during that time.

“I am grateful to 3AW for giving me the opportunity to grow my skills as a talkback presenter for the last 11 years.” 

Elise Elliott fills in this week with a decision to come about Dunleavy’s permanent replacement.


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