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96Three FM Shake Up

Geelong community station 96Three has recently lost two more full time on air staff. Breakfast announcer Jay Maurer was made redundant by management in August. Jay had been with the station for 12 years in various on air roles. Announcer/music assistant Simon Goeschl, who had been with the station 8 years, also was made redundant. Casual weekend host/station floater Greg Newman, who had been a part of the team for 12 years, was also told in July that his services were no longer required. New station Content Director Leroy Brown is moving into host breakfast in September. He was formerly with SCA Bendigo.


  1. What about the other seven staff members who were told there’s the door or walked out !

  2. The last 2 in a list of 10 staff who have either been let go or resigned from 963, (with the majority of them resigning ). This is in the last 18 months under the New Management and current CEO. It is very sad when a thriving Christian radio station for over 25 years, has been reduced to this and is now merely a shell of itself.

  3. How can a community radio staftion afford to pay full time announcing staff?

    Christian community stations (particularly in the bigger cities) tend to receive a lot of support from their listeners through membership and donations. The same goes for some other community stations who are more finacially viable.


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