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2SM radio host Marcus Paul off-air after inappropriate quiz question

2SM broadcaster Marcus Paul will remain off air for at least the rest of this week as 2SM bosses investigate an on-air incident that was widely criticised as inappropriate.

Richard King initially told listeners Paul was off for a “well earned break” but later a representative for the station confirmed an investigation was underway.

“Marcus Paul won’t be working on air for at least the remainder of this week,” the representative said. “During that period of time we are conducting a more thorough investigation of the process. There will be no further comment until such time as that investigation is finalised. The station does not condone in any way what was said or inferred by the statements that were made on air.”

Earlier, King said: “He worked right through Christmas and the New Year so I dare say he’s enjoying not having to wake up as early as normal. He’ll be back on deck next Monday.”

It is the latest development after Paul publicly apologised for an on-air blunder on his ‘Marcus Paul In The Morning show’ on Thursday, in which he asked radio listeners to answer a trivial question about alleged murder victim Charlise Mutten to win singer Adele’s new CD.

“ … Marcus acknowledges the question was inappropriate and ill thought, and the program does APOLOGISE unreservedly to anyone who might have been offended,” the show’s Facebook statement read.

Last week a nationwide search for missing nine-year-old schoolgirl Charlise Mutten ended in tragedy after her remains were found in a barrel dumped on the banks of NSW’s Colo River on Tuesday.

Mutten’s stepfather Justin Stein has since been charged with her murder.

Radio listeners were stunned when Paul referenced Mutten’s death during a bizarre quiz.

“The beautiful young girl who was allegedly tragically murdered this week, Charlise Mutten, went to school in which NSW suburb,” Paul asked one listener.

“Can’t remember the name, do you want to have a guess, time’s ticking … Give us a call if you happen to have the answer to that question … if you get it correct, you get the goodies.”

Story courtesy of Daily Telegraph.


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