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250! That’s Just for Starters 

The latest episode of Food Bytes with Sarah Patterson featuring MasterChef host Melissa Leong marked a major milestone for the show. It was the 250th podcast episode coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the show’s beginning. Food Bytes started as a column in a suburban newspaper and evolved into the podcast five years ago.

Just over a year ago, the latest metamorphosis saw Food Bytes become a weekly one hour radio show Sunday mornings on the ACE Radio Network across regional Victoria and southern New South Wales

ACE Radio Group Content Director Mat Cummings likes what the show brings to the table. 

Food Bytes as a program on the radio is every bit as compelling as a podcast and the two complement each other very well. The radio audience gets to sample interesting content they might not be aware of and in their own time they can explore the podcast and go deeper into these wonderful conversations. The depth and strength of the guests that appear on Food Bytes is of huge appeal to our audience.” 

“Every week we hear someone with an interesting story, an Australian we’ve come to know and love. The conversation flows just as it would with a cuppa across the kitchen table. There are some examples of this kind of crossover where a podcast becomes a radio program in its own right, but it’s a path that should be explored as audiences crave high standards of bespoke content making.”

Show creators and hosts Sarah Patterson and Kevin Hillier are enjoying the ride.

“We love doing the show and are delighted that the guests and the listeners are enjoying the experience as much as we do.” 


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