Two Years on Air for Red FM’s Alana and Robbie!

From interviewing high flying celebrities like David Guetta and Adam Lambert to live broadcasts from Broome’s divine Cable Beach, the heart of Australia’s mining industry in the Pilbara and the Hemsworth-approved Coral Coast -  it has always been clear that working for RED FM is just a little bit different to normal regional radio.


As a state-wide breakfast show, the duo have travelled almost 30,000 kilometres around WA in 2 years. That’s enough to cross Australia almost 7 and a half times!!!!!


And if spending a week straight with your co-host on a radio tour is enough to make you want to say “pass”… imagine if you were also an actual REAL LIFE COUPLE?!?!


That’s right - Alana and Robbie have broken all the radio rules. For nearly 18 months, the breakfast duo have had a real life partnership as well as a professional one.


About six months after coming together as a show, it became apparent that there was more to the relationship than just on-air chemistry!


After trying with to hide it from the boss (with little success), they finally came clean and it’s proved to be a great dynamic for the duo ever since, according to co-host Robbie Klitzing.


“You experience some pretty unique things working in Breakfast Radio, particularly in this market with so much travel, so sharing it together makes for great memories…and some pretty interesting content!” says Klitzing.


McLean agrees saying “In a world of 4AM alarms, creative differences and caffeine dependency – it’s not common for this type of relationship to blossom, let alone thrive –  but I feel if you can spend THAT much time with someone and not want to kill them… there must be something very special there!”


After two years on air together, Alana and Robbie agree they are thrilled to hit the two year

Milestone – relationship and brekky show in tact!

The only remaining question is: Will there be a radio wedding in the future?


We will tell you on the other side of this break….


Alana and Robbie can be heard on RED FM from 6am-10am weekdays.