Red FM's Alana and Robbie become the Final Australian's to sign up as member of Blockbuster Video

 It was the end of an era in Australia as the final Blockbuster Store in Australia shut its doors in the Perth suburb of Morley.


Breakfast on Red presenters Alana McLean and Robbie Klitzing set themselves to be a part of Australian History and become the final Australian’s to sign up as members of Australia’s Final Blockbuster.



The team headed into Morley’s Blockbuster Store a couple of minutes before the final close last Thursday night and signed up, as confirmed on air the next day by Store Manager Laura. “Indeed, we can confirm that you were the last,” she declared. “You get the bragging rights!”


Robbie said that it was a huge part of many Australian’s childhood to head into the local store. “As a kid I would head into the local Blockbuster, spend about an hour going through EVERYTHING in the store and then just choose Beverley Hills Cop 2 or Back to the Future again for the 20th time”.


According to Alana, it was a nice trip down memory lane to hit up Blockbuster one more time.

“Heading along to the local video store is steeped in tradition of sibling rivalry, school holidays and Saturday night’s! We couldn’t say goodbye to Blockbuster without going in for one final bittersweet visit.”


The world’s last Blockbuster Store is in Oregon USA and is still trading …for now!