Radio Job: Talent Bank (Apr 6)



Ever read the reply “Thanks for your application, we’ll put you in our Talent Bank”

Or even better….”You could be on the talent pipeline!”


Well we actually use ours and right now it’s a little shallow.


As of today we are looking for:

3 x workday Announcers

2 x Music Directors

And 1 complete breakfast team for one of our most competitive markets.


If you’re keen to apply for any of these gigs, and are ready to relocate, please send us your CV, Aircheck and work History today.


Alternatively, if you are you are just looking for regular casual work, or maybe a foot in the door, we’d love to help you secure the next full time gig that becomes vacant with one of our 40+ radio stations across the country.



With the existing opportunities in major markets, time and temp airchecks just won’t cut it please send your best.