Radio Job: Operations Manager, On Air


Sunshine Coast Broadcasters Operations Manager/ On-Air


We have a rare vacancy, our Operations Manager is moving on to the next step in his career as a CD (I knew it would happen one day!) so we need a replacement.


Itís an exciting job working with a solid and very talented on-air and promotional team.




∑      Do you have the talent to pull an on-air shift, on a winning Adult Contemporary radio station?

∑      Do you have a great skill set with NexGen, Music Master, ZETTA and Selector?

∑      Can you assist talent in growing their skills on-air.

∑      Do you want to live on the Sunshine Coast, working for an exciting, independent growing radio group?


Send up your air-check and application now to apply.  Applications close very soon, in fact on Monday 10th April. A decision will be made quickly, because we can.


Applications, including resume and air-check, by e-mail only to: