Radio Job: Content Director (Apr 19)




North East Broadcasters and Rich Rivers Radio are privately owned media companies.


We have a passion for our communities, our clients and the people we employ within our four commercial stations 2QN, 3NE, Edge 102.1 and Edge 102.5.


Our stations are about to enter a new and exciting phase and we’re looking for that all round Content Director, who will be based in Wangaratta, to help implement and develop a strategy, build a structure, coach and mentor as well as a vision to keep our medium relevant in today’s changing media landscape.


Yes, you will need to be able to handle a prime time shift, be flexible and on call …basically a “whatever it takes” attitude


You will have ongoing access to some of the industry’s best consultants and you will need to understand the role of digital and social media.


The sales, creative and production teams will need to be inspired by your innovative thinking and pro-active approach.


So, have we got your attention?


If so, please get in touch by sending all your bits nnd pieces (including a sample

of your on-air brilliance) to: Dave Robertson  


You have until 5pm May 5 to apply, however, we’d like to get the ball rolling quickly so please be aware that RRR and NEB reserves the right to recruit prior to the closing date.