Radio Job: Breakfast Announcer (Jun 23)


Breakfast Announcer

7XS is a proud part of the Queenstown community. As the only local media on Tassie’s West Coast, we are committed to local content and ‘infotainment’… to engage our listeners with daily news and views, to set them up for the day on Tassie’s West Coast.


Are you ready to wake up the West Coast?


As we warm up our audience for Tasmania Talks from 9 with Brian Carlton, we want someone who can see beyond the news headlines, someone who knows how to start a conversation about the things that impact locally, nationally and internationally, and be unafraid to express an opinion. Someone who loves talking to locals, who can turn their stories into great on-air content.


Tasmania’s West Coast is a beautiful wilderness - with rugged mountains, breathtaking waterfalls, pristine lakes and the historic Macquarie Harbour. Tasmania’s West Coast is supported by the mining, tourism and aquaculture industries. Explore gorgeous hidden walking trails, ride the West Coast Wilderness Railway, fish the lakes for trout, and meet generations of characters who call the West Coast home.


This is not for the time, temp, celebrity gossip and music jock! If you have the proven ability to connect and engage with listeners, and you have more to offer than just a funny line, then this is the job for you.


To be considered for the role you:


·       Must have a creative mind with attention to detail

·       Be a great communicator, conversationalist and a brilliant listener

·       Possess a great knowledge of current affairs

·       Are someone who truly connects with the community

·       Are able create great content on air and on line


If this is you…..please apply now.


To apply please email your written application, CV and recent Aircheck by using the link below




7XS is part of Tasmanian Broadcasters, a subsidiary of Grant Broadcasters.

Our commitment to you includes equipping you with a dynamic and creative team to

work with and advance you’re radio career within the group.