Mike Brady’s Show Axed on Grand Final Day

Talk about riding a rollercoaster of emotions.

Fresh from his performance at the Grand Final, Up There Cazaly singer Mike Brady signed off as the host of 3AW’s Saturday night show for the final time last night.

Brady’s departure from the Mike ‘til Midnight program, which has aired for 17 years during the AFL’s home and away off season, is the latest in a series of changes shaking up Melbourne’s powerhouse talkback radio station.

“Signing off on Grand Final night is a little odd as it is normally the night that I start the season but it is actually the night that I finished the show for good,” Brady said.

“I am delighted that 3AW gave me the opportunity to say goodbye to the people who have been so loyal over the years. Not all broadcasters get that opportunity.

“It has been a wonderful learning curve for me. I thought I knew a lot about radio when I went in and I knew absolutely nothing.

“I have been lucky. I thought I was so bad it would last two weeks and it lasted 17 years.

“So am I sad? Yes, sad. Am I disappointed? Yes, probably disappointed. Do I understand the decision? Yes, I understand. Am I grateful? Yes, I am.”

Brady, who has a new record released on Monday will continue working with 3AW, although in what capacity is still to be defined.

Starting next Saturday, Dr Sally Cockburn will host AW’s Saturday night offering from 6pm — 10pm.

Simon Owens will present a new show from 10pm to midnight.