Bugs, Bulldogs, Broncos and a Brand New Breakfast Show for Bundaberg’s Hitz939


This week the brand new breakfast show kicked off on Hitz939 in Bundaberg. Matthew Ambrose made the move north from Magic FM, Port Augusta teaming up with Tracey Sergiacomi.  The week begun with a commitment ceremony that degenerated into paying out each other’s NRL team.  Full details.

Matt said “I timed my run to almost perfection. Arriving the day after the greatest footy team in the world, the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs, defeated the Kings of Third Party Payments, the Broncos. Plus I figure the Blues are due in the State Of Origin”  

“This place is pretty scary though. The beetles here are on the roids. I found this thing in my backyard”

Trace said “Matty will definitely need to toughen up. They breed them quite soft down south”  I can’t wait for the Maroons to win for the 268th time so I and the listeners of Bundy can give it to him. Someone asked me the other day does all this winning get boring? I feel sorry for Matty. He will never know the answer to that”

You can listen to Matty and Trace weekdays from 6am til 9am on Hitz 939 or online at Hitz939.com.au

  "Confirmation Ceremony" photograph courtesy of Right Image Photography