ABC radio host Jon Faine retiring

Opinionated and some say arrogant ABC broadcaster Jon Faine is hanging up the microphone after 30 years.

Industry insiders were onto it, pointing to what they say is the talkback host’s more churlish than usual demeanour.

Was he unhappy with the direction the ABC is taking?

Some remarked on his surliness on the airwaves, one telling Page 13: “He sounds petulant at times and it’s like he doesn’t want to be there.”

Now was Faine himself yelling his resignation from the ABC rooftops on air this week in an interview with Shaun Micallef?

Jon Faine is hanging up the microphone after 30 years at ABC radio.

The prickly broadcaster said he wasn’t leaving this year, “but next year, there is a scoop for you”.

The ABC later said on social media the on-air resignation was Faine having a “joke.”

Excuse me Aunty, that doesn’t pass even the sniffiest of sniff tests.

There is also a leaked email, allegedly written by Faine and intended to be sent to The Australian, which fell onto Page 13’s desk this week.

Jon Faine’s long-winded rant defended his behaviout towards guest Carly Findlay.

A long-winded rant defends his behaviour toward guest Carly Findlay, which was largely criticised for being insensitive about the disability activist’s personal appearance and sex life.

“I was offered another two-year contract with ABC Radio in January 2018” the email continues.

“I also advised management that it will be my last.

“Succession planning is required and my long-time public commitment to diversity is a factor in moving on.”

ABC News Breakfast host Virginia Trioli is speculated as being Faine’s replacement.

Well that puts it clearly, although some observers say his “resignation” could be a tactic.

Aunty wasn’t commenting yesterday. Speculation is rife that Faine’s sometime fill-in, News Breakfast host Virginia Trioli, will pick up the microphone.

It sounds like a long goodbye.

Source: Page 13 Herald Sun by Alice Coster