ABC News Social Media Accounts To Merge


On April 10, ABC News will have a new look on air and online.  As part of these changes we are consolidating our ABC News social media accounts.

ABC News on Facebook

We are deactivating our ABC News 24 Facebook account and moving existing fans into the ABC News account.

If you are an existing ABC News 24 Facebook fan, you will automatically be moved into the ABC News Facebook account and still receive all the latest news and video content you currently receive.

The ABC Radio Current Affairs Facebook account will be archived. You will need to like us on our ABC News account to stay up to date with the latest news and radio current affairs content.

ABC News on Twitter

The current ABC News 24, ABC NewsRadio and ABC Radio Current Affairs Twitter accounts are closing and we are moving to one ABC News account.

If you are currently following ABC News 24, ABC NewsRadio and ABC Radio Current Affairs you will now need to follow @abcnews if you are not already.

You will still receive breaking news and content that you usually receive from these accounts, but now from this centralised account.

Why the changes?

ABC News is getting a new look.

As part of this we are creating a single, unified ABC News brand that is consistent on TV, radio and online.

This will make it easier for you to identify and find the trusted ABC News content that is relevant to you, on whatever platform you choose.

We are also simplifying the names of our services to become ABC NEWS across all platforms.

ABC News 24 and ABC NewsRadio will become ABC News.

Off-platform these services will be referred to when necessary, as the ABC News channel and ABC News on radio.