4RO Reunion


4RO Rockhampton celebrated its 80th birthday on 2 July. To mark the occasion, the station brought back to Rockhampton all the announcers from the 1970ís for a once-in-a-lifetime reunion on 28 and 29 June. Organised by former 4RO Announcer-Producer-Programme Director Phil Lentz (see photo below), it was the first time in decades that the 70ís announcers and managers had been together in the one studio.


Co-hosted by 70ís Breakfast announcer Cameron Syrett, the 18-hour reunion live broadcast brought back together Brian Nielsen, Roger Gray, Noel Herley, John Henry, Al Kirton, Gary Green, Gary Foale and Paul McKenna. 70ís general managers Ian Renton and Cec Woodland also brought back some memories. Those who couldnít make the trip joined in by phone, including Adrian Barber, Andy Haskett, Wayne Wilson, Ian ďSandyĒ Cousins, Bruce Carr, Dave Gosper, John Pemberton, Kev Kallaway, Kevin Roache, Paul Amos, Paul OíConnor, Phil Clay, Richard Monk, Wayne Clouten, Larry Dwyer, and Rob ďRobboĒ Thomson.


The on air staff joined with others who worked at the station during the 70ís at a function which 4RO put on for the occasion. The stationís clients and staff also joined together to commemorate the stationís 80 years on the air.  Listeners complained that they were unable to do any work for the two days of the broadcast because they were glued to their radios. It was a great celebration of the 1970ís music, news, fun, and a huge dose of nostalgia. Thankfully, the fashions of the 1970ís were left where they belong!